Monday, 26 December 2011


Christmas cards I made this year

All done with potato stamps.

We put on a life drawing class

for the christmas "JOY" project.

Last week of Bradford summer

Foundation final piece 'Collections'


I made this blog when I was applying for university and haven't used it since but here is my final piece from foundation. It was a collection of my nineteen years of life so far. What I enjoyed most about foundation was being encouraged and allowed to experiment. I learnt so much in one year. I wanted to show this in my final piece by illustrating each object in a different media to the original object and to each other. I used embroidery/textiles/screenprint/wire/film and sculpture.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Responses to 'Illustration for Text' brief

Monoprints from a brief to illustrate the short story, 'Pumping Up Napoleon'. I visited an exhibition of David Hockney's etchings, 'Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm'. I used his idea of going against the convention of illustrating the most dramatic events in a story, and focused on specific details that captured my interest. 

Illustrations of preserved beetles

Found in my local (and favourite) museum Cliffe Castle, Keighley. I wanted to communicate the beauty of the beetles in this old, forgotten cabinet.

Response to matchbox project

The Museum of The Lost, Broken and Obsolete. Inspired by Mark Dion's displays of found objects from his 'Thames Dig', I searched around my house for tiny, broken, disregarded and lost objects and placed them in this new context.

Illustrations of a horse in response to a mark-making brief

Sketchbook page showing development of illustration of a vintage typewriter

Illustrations of vintage typewriters

Illustrations of food you either love or hate

Sculpture of Mr Fox Riding a Bike

I manipulated my 2D illustration into a 3D sculpture.

Artist book in response to 'Deck of Cards' project.

I illustrated the poem using type on a deck of cards. The layout of the words echoes the playfulness of the poem.

Life drawing